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Sign up for My Thunderbird!

This service will be available to Thunderbird Alumni who have received one or more of the following degrees: BFT, MFT, MIM, EMIM, MIMLA, BIM, MBAIM, or GMBA. Fill in the form below, check "Yes", and receive your id and password via e-mail.*

This password protected Intranet for Thunderbird Stakeholders is the continuation of a new era of communications at Thunderbird. My Thunderbird will enable you to:

  • search the network of alumni in the system
  • create a free lifetime e-mail account
  • update contact information and control what communities can see personal information
  • join in peer groups and conduct threaded discussions
  • exchange ideas on web-based bulletin boards
  • learn about Thunderbird alumni programs and services.
If you are a recent graduate there is no need to complete this registration form provided you have a Campus MyThunderbird login & password.

Yes, I want to be part of the My Thunderbird.  I authorize Thunderbird to display my name, e-mail, and information to other stakeholders so I can network effectively using the My Thunderbird system.

The following information is required to process your registration:

First name:  Your full, formal first name, no middle initial.
Last name:  Your last name as on-file with Thunderbird.
Class year:
E-mail address:
(only one e-mail address please)

Please sign-up only once and allow up to 7 days to receive your ID and password via e-mail.

* This online authorization process is only available to alumni who have active e-mail accounts.

Questions?  Contact the My Thunderbird coordinator.